To My Dear

Posted: October 2, 2011 in @ thoughts

To My Dear Sony 

I Love You… I miss You

I Know you will not be happy these days without me. even tough it is not acceptable by you and accepted by me. i don’t have a choice.

you must be wondering why i did this. you may not expected this from me… but i expected…

in the past two years you are struggling a lot… of course me too.

you may think i changed and i may not be the same person to you. but i also want to share the same to you.

you are not the same . you are the one who changed.

seven years ago i was just longing for you. longing to the core. everyday i used to visit you just to see you. bcoz i cannot afford at that time

after so much of handwork you became mine six years ago. at that time you are so sexy.even though you are black still i like you. nobody can come near to your performance.

when we both are together everybody used to envy us. everybody want to own you. i was at the peek of proud. i love you so much.


for the past two years whenever i need you… you will become tired. you are not fast as you were earlier… your performance came down…

i tried my lever best to replace your organs and continue to live with you… but no luck…

while on the way to home in cathedral road i found one beautiful,very very sexy, superb color, less weight, super fast and ultimate pair. not only it looks good it is highly INTELLIGENT

i choosed to live with that for some more years….

please forgive  me… anyway i will not throw you and still keep you. i may need you on an emergency or for a change.

still i love you and i miss you.

before i move let me introduced my new pair

my new friend,lover,business partner and more





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