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Whom to blame

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Gods Plan

 All unplanned  events happening in our life is a planned event of god

Just want to share an incident which is happened in our family.which really shocked us for a month.

A relative of mine Mrs. V who is living in PUNE with her Husband and two little children came for the summer vacation this MAY.

She stayed in her sisters place. After five years she is visiting chennai and spending time with her sister.

she planned her trip to chennai for 20 days and she planned it well. she went to pondicherry to spend time with her monther for few days and she did.

After that she want to have the HOLY THRED WEARING CEREMONY for her two little sons. it is ther in her agenda on the trip. the function went on very well. that is the first and only funtion for male in brahmin family. she went to tirupathy after the funtion and had a nice darshan. again after the funtion she went to pondicherry and spend few days with her mother. she back to chennai and had a nice holiday with her sister. this is the first time she is staying in her sisters house for more than 10 days.

suddenly she had a pain in her wrist on the right hand. Dr. recommended a surgery which is complicated. they also warned this surgery may end her in koma. still she want to go for it bcoz of untolerable pain.

she went to beech, hotel, shopping, everywhere in chennai. undergone the surgery and it is successfull. she was perfectly fine.

she booked her tickets to PUNE.

she was watching cricket worldcup match till 11.00 pm in the night. next day she has to return to pune.

she wake up late, took bath by 10.30 am, her sister feeded meals by 11.00 am. [ though her right hand got operated ]

11.45 she got an heart attack collapsed unknowingly. she herself dont know that she died.

she suppose to leave in the afternoon to her place.


She came to chennai after five years

she came for the ” poonal ” funtion for her childrens

She spent very good time with her mom in pondy

she spent long holiday with her sister

she got collapsed without any pain for herself  BUT the total family broke

Just thought about her husband  while he return back to PUNE without  his WIFE how it could be.

How will he opens the door. each and every things of her wife will kill him.

the worst part is this june 2011 he got transferred to chennai and took a house with his two children next to his wife’s sister house.


It is an unexpected accident for us But GOD  Planned her Trip very clearly. she passed on the day she is about to leave back to Pune.

I always feel God has a Plan



#Margazhi – THE HOLY MONTH

Posted: December 16, 2010 in Gods Plan
originally uploaded by Shri & Gags

One of my old post shares everything why i love marghazhi madam. the same thing i shared today to one of my friend . Marghazhi has got so many reason to love.

December 16 2010  to January 15 2011

  • This is purely a festival month
  • This is suppose to be the holiday month and Holy Month too
  • Vaikunda Ekadasi – 17-12-2010
  • Muharam – 17-12-2010
  • Christmas – 25-12-2010
  • New Year celebrations
  • Pongal
  • The whole India is Chilled by its whether
  • All vaishnava temple celbrate with thriuppavai and bhajans
  • All Hindus will wear holy malai for sabarimala
  • In THAMIZHNADU most of the home will put color rangoli
  • School Half yearly leave
  • New year Party
  • Chennai Sangamam
  • Mylapore Festival
  • Hanuman jeyanthi
  • Thiruvadarai kali
  • etc
  • etc

Happy Margazhi Folks !!!


Posted: October 9, 2010 in Gods Plan

Daane Daane Pe Likha Hai Khane Wale Ka Naam

On Each and every Rice we eat our  name is written

மனிதன் அவன் சாப்பிடும் ஒவ்வொரு உணவிலும் அவன் பெயர் எழுதி உள்ளது

I heard about this so many times from so many peoples. i also experienced this on several occasions. I recently went to coimbatore. itsa sudden trip. i suppose to go to coimbatore straight to meet a client and win a deal. suddenly the plan changed. i went via salem.

Been to Salem first time . i had my coffee in Salem and breakfast in Avinasi on the way to Coimbatore and had my lunch @ Coimbatore and again dinner in Salem.

Like this i experience personally and also from my friends and relative circle. But the recently one which i experience is some thing unbelievable which really made me to write this post.

Last Week Iam Just Starting to My Office from home. somebody knocked the door. i went and opened it. one auto rikshawala asked me  ” is this Gayathri Srinivas House” i said yes. He told His Relation want to meet her. He is in auto. Then the auto riskshawala bring that person to our home. He is 92 year old person and i never met him before since we married. i called gayathri and she came and recognized that old man.

He is a very very distant relative of Gayathri. she also met him several years back. some how he got her no and address from some relative. He came from saligramam to R. A. Puram to consult a doctor and came to our house on the way. He spent few min by sharing his old stories and we requested him to have some food. He had some rice  and some murukku at his age. he like the food and enjoyed it throughly like me. [ Bcoz its prepared by gags ]

He Spent one hour and left. My thoughts went suddenly to the topic Daane Daane Pe Likha Hai Khane Wale Ka Naam

  • On these past six years i never met him and heard about him.
  • Completed 92 years
  • not able to walk, Not able to hear,Not able to remeber names and places
  • He is up todate on news – Talking about Actor Murali Death,Singer Swarnalatha Death,New Library etc.
  • Know about the BPO industry.

He dont have any reason to come to my home other than having that food. He just came . sitting for few mins. Had food and left.

We were also really happy that we a re able to serve food to a elder person from the family.

We are just living as per the gods plan. Its a well executed plan.

Daane Daane Pe Likha Hai Khane Wale Ka Naam

Update: on 22nd may 2010 the hero of this blog who is 93 years now is passed away.